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Characteristics of Creative People

I was given this list by one of my creative writing professors a while ago... I framed it and had it hanging on the wall at my parents house and forgot about it until last night.

Characteristics of Creative People

1. Self-Sufficient - basing their behavior upon their own concept of themselves (rather than being dependent on close supervision or guidance from others)

2. Independent - in making judgments. Willing to stand alone against the group for the sake of accuracy in their reporting.

3. Self-assertive and dominant, stable and self-accepting. More aware of, and open to their own impulses.

4. Progressive - and even radical. Also more courageous, adventurous, and otherwise more capable of taking greater risks in the hope of greater gain. (Usually not conservative types)

5. Complex - as persons. They may stir up group sanctions against themselves as a result of their own ideas - which may be sensed by others as a threat to the status quo.

6. Resourceful - will find a way to achieve ends. Often involed original solutions to problems.

7. Motivated - only by liking to think, toy with ideas, intellectual persistence and more and more involvement in their work (not others).

8. Complex - They need variety. They detest repetition. They prefer complexity and seem insatiable in their desire to organize things their own way.

9. Tolerant - They may be able to tolerate a great deal of ambiguity and can live a long time with unsolved problems.

10. Unconventional - Seek unconventional careers. Have knowledge that their ideas may not always be those of the majority.

11. Committed - Creative work demands an almost total mobilization of energy and experience. Involves long, absorbing work hours.

12. Absorbed - long involvement, sustained thought are characteristic.

13. Interest - they continually think and rethink their areas of interest.

14. Precocious - Creative persons have an early broad interest in intellectual things.

15. Daring - They like to toy with the unknown.


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