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Purchase my blog, current asking price is $1100

I have no idea what this blogshares site is, apparently they measure the future value of a blog. Is that in media dollars? Not sure. Can anyone start a blog and it's supposedly worth $1100? Apprently so.

At least I'm ranked #30 on the current list... Just above "a babe in a masochistic toyland", "j.pickle" and ""The Hack, The," she mis-quoted Sideshow Bob".

See Mom, I did amount to SOMETHING. $1100, to be exact.

Green Day wins Grammy for best Rock album

From the Associated Press:

In true punk rock fashion, Green Day tested the censors at the Grammy Awards on Sunday — and the censors were ready. The Bay Area rockers, on a career high with their "American Idiot" album, added a shot of rock 'n' roll adrenaline by performing the title cut. The disc won the Grammy for best rock album.

Green Day is punk rock? Really? Yeah it's so punk rock to create poppy, bubble gum-style crap like Green Day, Good Charlotte, etc. Right. Right after you hit the Hot Topic at the mall and drop $200 on your Punk outfit, you can ask dad for his Lexus to drive to the Blink 182 concert... of course, those main floor seats at $100 a pop weren't free.

Punk's dead and has been dead for years. Long live corporate teen marketing.