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Yelping about a party

Last night I went to a party for, a site that lets users review services. The event was at Roe, a nightclub and restaurant on Howard street. Being a naive midwesterner, I checked the reviews for before leaving for the event... because there's nothing worse than a pretentious "dress to impress" code. Strike that, there is something worse -- walking a mile back to your hotel to change because your threads aren't up to their standards.

Fortunately this was a private event for members. No, I'm not a member, but someone that I know is and he was nice enough to give me his pass...Which may have been a mistake, btw... I went around telling everyone my name was Jeremy and wore a "Jeremy" name tag. My "Hello my name is Jeremy" book should be out in a few months :P

But I digress. The purpose of the party was to reward reviewers. And the selection of the venue was no mistake -- the bar's overall rating on the site…

Tales from the road

The WOMMA conference has been great today, here's view out of my room into the city:

I saw Emanuel Rosen speak and got to meet him as well. And no, Emanuel isn't a ghost, that's just a really bright flash:

The quote of the day came from Jeremy Pepper, who defined as an "insular blogger circle jerk". lol

Other photos from lunch:

Maxine Friedman (Brandimension), Robert J. Ricci (Weber Shandwick), Me, Robert Scoble (no introduction necessary)

Photo credit: Jeremy Pepper

Robert J. Ricci, VP, Weber Shandwick with Dan from Golin Harris

Jeremy Pepper, Weber Shandwick and Maxine Friedman of Brandimensions

And I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the man that makes this all possible - Andy Sernovitz.

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Or technical problems? I was just on their site last night, seems odd to have the site "closed" during the day.

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