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Edelman hires Wiley, fires proofreader

From their site:

General Motor’s Michael Wiley Joins Edelman’s me2revolution as Senior Vice President
August 28, 2006

All kidding aside, I had the pleasure of sitting on a panel that Michael moderated at the January '06 WOMMA conference in Orlando with Jason Woodmansee and Steve Rubel. I'm sure he'll be outstanding as usual at his new gig.

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File this under: Things I Already Knew

For those who haven't met me in person, I'm a tall man. 6'6" to be exact. Sure, it's hell finding clothes at times... like this morning when I was outbid on a tall XXL Banana Republic shirt, but it does have its benefits. And like everyone else above 6'4", I get sick of the basketball inquiries (Yes, I played. Not professionally -- that's all you need to know).

Conversely, I have enjoyed the perks of being tall as well -- perfect sight lines at every sporting event or concert, admirable stature, ability to reach anything without the use of a step stool, etc. And I read a study a while back that said tall people have higher salaries compared to others. Some said that the aforementioned stature played a role in achieving success moving up the corporate ladder. But this study offers another explanation:

On average, taller people earn more because they are smarter. As early as age 3 — before schooling has had a chance to play a role — and throughout ch…

Quote of the Year and a Devil's Advocate

From yesterday's Journal, on MySpace:

"We're not as impressed by, like, huge numbers of 'friends' because that can be gamed very easily," says Adam Farrell, head of online marketing for Matador Records, referring to computer programs that can visit a site repeatedly to artificially boost the tally.

I'll take it step further -- the band featured in the article has 124,000+ "friends", yet on their recent tour the maximum turnout was 200. Now these are 2 college-aged kids that each made $35,000 this year, but even with fans that "love" their music (yet they revealed on their tour that they sold more t-shirts than CDs) they're basically clearing entry-level job pay. Without insurance.

Gaining that many friends via MySpace and planning a tour is extremely time consuming. So they're working 80 hour weeks for $35k. Wow.

I'm not saying it's not wise for certain brands to jump into the MySpace social networking arena. In fact, I…

Fosters beer -- Welcome to 2006!

Today's Journal reports that Fosters beer is pulling its advertising budget from TV and going to spend its entire TV budget on online ads. The reason for the change?

Many marketers, increasingly uncertain about the value of TV advertising, are looking at other media. That shift is particularly marked for advertisers such as Foster's that target young men, a group that is watching less TV and playing computer games or spending time on the Internet instead.

My hope is that they're not just creating banner ads and creating lame Flash games but actually plan on interacting with their users online... which, of course, falls outside of the advertising realm and into PR. * sigh *

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