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Edelman to teach classes on social media; hazing not allowed

Steve posted the answer to the question everyone wanted answered - What's next?

The me2revolution team I work for will be involved with teaching Edelman University classes on ethics in social media, reviewing programs before they are implemented and more.

This is obviously a good thing. The MS&L Blogworks team has a similar role in that we develop, pitch and execute the programs we run for our clients with our PR teams.

The big next step is for companies that run WOM campaigns to sign on to the WOMMA Ethics Code as DuPont announced earlier this year.

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WOMMA responds to Edelman & Wal-Mart flog fiasco

The Word of Mouth Marketing Association, of which I am a member, has issued a statement on the Wal-Mart/Edelman flog as well. This has really been a PR nightmare for Edelman, who has also revealed two other blogs that were being run "anonymously". They have now been edited to display employee names. According to Technorati, as of this writing the 2nd most popular post in the blogosphere was Steve's statement with 50+ comments, mostly ripping him for not responding sooner or giving his opinion of the situationm immediately.

One of my concerns with WOMMA and the lack of adherence is the issue of enforcement. Edelman said they will work to follow the ethics code, and we can only hope that this practice, moving forward, does not continue with any other firms. Idealistic, sure, but just because one of the big players in this space got busted doesn't mean they're the only one doing it.

I've brought the enforcement issue up with WOMMA during calls and meetings and …

Edelman responds to Wal-Mart flog

Just like that, I received an e-mail from Russ at Wal-Mart Watch regarding my post the other day. Who says blog monitoring doesn't work??? (Shameless promotion: MS&L offers an online monitoring service called Media Quotient)

FYI, wanted to pass along this Dow Jones/Wall Street Journal story that posted late today.

Russ Fagaly

Wal-Mart Watch

Link to response

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Wal-Mart Flogging Its Way Around the Blogosphere

Ok, Richard, you have to level with me -- What the hell was that "Wal-Marting Across America" blog all about? Please tell me it was the bullheadedness (if that's a word) of the client to do a real blog!

My theory is that companies like Wal-Mart shouldn't bother blogging unless they're planning on changing their policies or just coming forward with what they're all about - cheap prices regardless of the cost. I think if they were more honest about it they're gain some respect - because it'll be a cold day in hell before they change their business model to appease the socially aware bloggers!

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