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Who cares about ethics?

I was floored when a co-worker sent me this article from MarketingVox. It talks about the Edelman/WOMMA ethics review and concludes with this:

"In the long run, does any client really care if its agency is a member of WOMMA? Of course not. Some people will see this as [Edelman's] taking the arrows for its client," Dave Taylor, founder of Intuitive Systems consultancy, is quoted as saying.

Dave Taylor -- you're incorrect, my friend. The company writes the check, sure, but ultimately the consumer writes the company's check. Do they care if Edelman is a member of WOMMA per se? Maybe not. But to suggest that consumer don't care if they're lied to or not is ridiculous. And that will hurt the bottom line in the long run.

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When it's time to fire your agency

Apparently every idea has been used when it comes to making TV ads. I say this because there have been waaaaaaay too many commercials featuring a dead theme. And by "dead", I mean "brain dead", as in the agency was lazy and uncreative.

Specifically, ads that feature "behind the scenes" of working at an agency. This includes brainstorming sessions, making the commercial, etc. Basically, any time you think it's a good idea to make it look like the ad was "brought to you by" the agency - it's not.

Please check your egos at the door, no one cares about your career or how you do it. In fact, most people hate you for wasting their time. Want to make an impression with your audience? Do something creative like Philips - sponsor a TV show or football game and don't run ads. That goes over well. And yes, they're a client.

Brand managers -- if your agency comes to you with a storyboard or deck that involves showing how ads are made or any …

Enterprise Rent-A-Car needs a calculator

Awful commercials already hit on this one, but someone at Enterprise needs to do some math - is "Moose" going to his 12 year class reunion? Do they have 12 year reunions? (I'm asking this because my high school class has never had a class reunion. Seriously, not one.)

Speaking of which, you're telling me no one noticed the green Enterprise sticker on the bumper when "Moose" pulls the Caddy up to the curb? I'd think someone who's shallow enough to think "Moose" has made it because he pulls up in a Caddy would check.

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Why people turn to blogs for news

I'll give you 6 reasons why newspapers like my hometown Detroit News are losing readership. Here are their top 6 headlines in "News Buzz":

Jay-Z documentary shown at U.N.
Hip-hop mogul to tour African mines
New James Bond film clears China censors
Peter Gabriel receives peace award
3 Jolie bodyguards arrested in India
Woman in `Borat' seeks investigation

Then again, it's much easier to just pull celebrity news off of the wire and run it than conduct investigative journalism. Want the story on what's going on in Hamtramck, Michigan? Don't look to the newspaper's "local" section - check out Hamtramck Star, a blog written by a civic-minded husband and wife living in Hamtramck. Check it out, I'd challenge you to find another comparable blog (or newspaper site) with 156 comments. And so we're comparing apples to apples, it's worth noting that the city is one square mile.

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Second Life closing itself off to marketers

Strumpette reported on Friday (hey, I'm out of town working on a pitch!) that a group on Second Life called Dreamland is shutting itself off from marketers and PR folks... or "flacks", as she says.

I've had conversations with co-workers and friends about why people use Second Life (other than hooking up). And yes, those are the kind of geeky conversations I have with co-workers and friends.

First off, there's a huge contradiction going on in SL - new brands in Second Life are OK, but "real world" brands aren't. But I digress.

I firmly believe that people don't want to be marketed to or at. I'll bet you've never heard someone say "I want MORE commercials!".

My argument is that most folks are, much like the Matrix, dial-up-300-baud-BBSing, gaming and other online RPGs, using SL to escape to an "underground" free from the unpleasantries of life -- which includes marketing.

Care to argue?

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Steve informed me that ad agency JWT is recruiting people on MySpace. I understand that there's now a MySpace Jobs section, but realistically is that the best place to look for talent? Ever hear of Linkedin? Are you really prospecting efficiently on a site where people spend 8+ hours a day NOT doing homework or working? I know the talent pool in the Detroit area has dried up but c'mon.