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I'm it? I mean, "I'm it!"

I was just about to hit the bottle watch "Fairly Oddparents" put a wrap on my blog for '06 until I discovered that I was tagged by Jeff Burkett at Media Landscaping. You asked for it, Jeff... Here are five things about me you don't know:

  1. I was the Spelling Bee Champion for my school in 5th grade and purposely misspelled "burglar" in the District Finals because I didn't want the attention, even after having my brother help quiz me on the entire dictionary in preparation for the Bee. I finished in second place in 6th grade for the same reason. My how things change.

  2. I'm the son of a well-known attorney and former politician in my hometown of Warren, Michigan, which means I grew up with perks other kids would die for. Remember when laser tag first came out? My brother and I went to the pre-grand opening party and played for free until the party ended. Pac Man for the Atari 2600? I had it before Sears was selling it. Also, as a kid I met several still-prominent politicians including Carl Levin and L. Brooks Patterson. It wasn't all fun and games - as a young lad I also spent several Fall afternoons, evenings and weekends walking door to door, labeling literature, working the primary and general election polls and my favorite, pile driving metal posts in the ground to hang 2' x 8' election signs (I can still feel the blisters from those days).

  3. Basketball has been a huge part of my life. Part 1: I was the starting center on my high school basketball team, which is probably not a surprise to anyone who's met me (I'm 6'6"), but what's unusual is that I was a role player who led the team in rebounds, blocks and charges. Part 2: I played in pickup games and leagues while in college just about every day of the week for five years after high school and gained a reputation on the courts in suburban Detroit for being a defensive stopper who could score at will. I spent one Summer playing with my college team with the goal of walking on but blew out a disc in my back thereby ending my bid to join the team. (I can still drain the 3 from anywhere, though!) Part 3: Last year I coached an 8th grade basketball team in Brighton, MI and loved every minute of it. There are a ton of similarities between business and sports, from team building to SWOT analysis to strategy to decision making to "playing the right way".

  4. While taking a full course load in college I concurrently worked as a court clerk for 37.5 hours a week, ran a big and tall web site, worked weekends at the Gap, had a girlfriend and went to the gym 4 days a week. Don't ask me how that's possible, but I did it.

  5. This one might be the biggest shocker of them all: I used to be an altar boy and graduated from a Catholic all-boys high school. Go ahead, insert your inappropriate priest molestation joke here.

I'm going to keep this in the family and tag My brother, a few co-workers (Kai Blum, Chris Poterala, Lish Dorset) and my friend whose blog still isn't working, Robert J. Ricci.

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