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Old Navy, we're through

Dear Old Navy,
I'm not going to go all John Moore on you and analyze the problems with your brands, because lord knows there are plenty, but I do want to let you know that I need to end our email relationship. I'm not sure why I fell for you in the first place to be honest. Maybe it was a late night affair with your web site for a pair of cheap jeans, maybe it was my marketing curiosity, wanting to keep track of what you're up to - I'm really not sure - but I need to end it now.

Why am I breaking up with you? Because I only wanted to be contacted by you and your hot sister (company), Banana Republic, from time to time. I didn't subscribe to receive offers from your newly adopted footwear company, hence you are technically spamming me.

I'm sure you didn't see this coming, but that's the sort of thing that happens when you ignore the risks of violating our relationship.

I wish you the best of luck and want nothing but success for you, but realistically we&…

It's time to Get Your Game Feet On!

Far be it from me to use my blog for shameless self promotion... So in that spirit here's a site for new Lamisil AT Gel called Get Your Game Feet On. You've heard of getting your "game face" on - well, the same can be said for your feet. The site is loaded with fun stuff like a Hoop Shot game, where the weekly high score winner gets a gift certificate to the, and a contest to win the ultimate game room + shoot hoops with NBA All-Star Tony Parker.

Did I mention that in high school I blocked Voshon Lenard's shot during scrub minutes of the state high school basketball tournament, gave Shawn Respert a hard foul on a fast break during that same season and scored 12 points on Chris Webber during a summer league game the following year. Ah, if only employees were eligible...

Why NBC/NewsCorp partnership will fail

Mark's excited about the NBC/NewsCorp partnership. I'm not.

As we know, it's not just delivery of the content that counts. Google gives away server space so the argument that they'll lose audience because their clips are 10 minutes or less is bunk. Don't be shocked to see Google throw a few million at new servers to counter this effort. Unlike its competitors, Google has a boatload of revenue from AdWords that it will use to bury competitors, not just make their numbers this quarter. As AdWords goes so does Google and its investments. Fox and NBC will pull the plug once their site can't turn a profit. Bet on it.

Since I mentioned content earlier I'll go there (oh no you dihn't!) - most of the programming on those stations sucks. YouTube gets content for free. In fact, the most popular videos on YouTube weren't produced by TV stations or professionals.

If they do put all of their TV shows online they're going to kill their network advertising as rat…

Apples, oranges, blogs and boards

Debbie has an interesting post comparing blogs to message boards and has developed a "10 Ways Blogs Are More Effective" list. I'm going to help qualify her post: Yes, blogs are a more effective mean of communication if you're a company or person that is trying to convey a message and solicit feedback from readers.

Realistically, though, it's not comparing apples to apples. For example - boards are a much better way to learn about a community and gain insights on current products, usage, future product development and even customer servicing issues. Blogs can't do the aforementioned as effectively.

Additionally, if you are looking to build a community around passion points then boards are, as Beck sang, "Where it's at". I hang on a few boards and participate on blogs and it's apples and oranges. A legitimate use of a board for a corporation would be as a living, breathing FAQ or enthusiast community. Blogs can't do that. Users can interact…

Jumping the curve before it's bent

Ok, I see that everyone has a huge boner there are a lot of conversations about Twitter (Damn, if I were a PPPwhore affiliate I'd get paid for that. Anyway...). I signed up for it a few months ago, tried it out to see what it's about and check in from time to time. Am I creating social networks with it? Not really. J is the only person's feed I read. Sometimes. I really don't give a crap about what Steve ate for dinner or what someone at SXSW is doing that I'm not. It's not that I'm cynical, really. It's just that I'm a realist.

See, Steve has this article about how Twitter is being used at SXSW. For the uncool, South By Southwest is a music festival in Austin, TX. Bands get completely screwed, some even paying thousands of dollars just to get on a stage, with the hope that they'll get signed by a label. Horror stories abound, just out of the D.

So back to my point - please name someone under 26 using Twitter. I know a lot of bloggers, especiall…

Consumerist creates "Get Me Fired!" contest

The Consumerist announced a new program called "Whistleblowers Anonymous", aka "Send us juicy content so you can lose your job". Corporations scan network usage and have log files, so what's the over/under on how long it'll take before a submissions costs someone their job? Will Consumerist set up a fund for fired employees or just reap the rewards of the content? I'm a fan of their site but you're better than this, guys (and girls). I think companies should be kept in check but let's not turn your site into the anti-corporate version of the National Enquirer.

See, my beef with MSM, and in particular local news, is that they reprint and rebroadcast press releases. How is this different? Anyway, it's extremely risky and selfish to ask readers to jeopardize their careers, pensions, etc. just so you don't have to do investigative journalism.

From their site:

We know many of our readers work at the companies that we write about, and we've…

You have to tag someone when they do this

C'mon, J - me and Gomes in the same breath? Damn, yo.

Matt - I'll post your comment on this, I swear.

We don't have it vs. We used to have it

My Banana Republic jeans were starting to get a hole in the right knee and has luck would have it a 15% off card came in the mail from the aforementioned brand. I went to their web site and here's what turns up when you search for a 36x36 jean:

Hmm. Nothing in my size. That pretty much sucks, because my non-holed black 36x36 Banana jeans fit perfectly and I had my card out and ready to purchase a blue/navy/indigo pair.

I did a quick Google search and Macy's is running a Google Adwords campaign touting tall jeans... so I jumped over to their site and did a similar search. They had a few pairs available, none to my liking, and this:

Notice it doesn't say they're out of stock. They're no longer available, as in "we will never carry this style again". Now I'm no programmer but I'd probably change the search results to not show jeans that aren't being carried anymore. That's just cruel.

With AT&T revenue gone, Yahoo stock (and mail) down again

In what's turning out to be Groundhog Day for Yahoo, their stock price is down on speculation that AT&T will be dumping them as a partner and will offer internet services of their own. Oh, and coincidentally the Yahoo mail server's down again. Yay. To quote Zack De La Rocha, "What's it gonna take? Euuurrrggghhhhh!"

Wait! I've got it - they didn't like my last post or that it was picked up by Cnet and so they've routed my ID to a dead server. Yeah, that's the ticket...

Anti-fatblogging update

It's been 5 days since I started my anti-fatblogging campaign and I'm happy to report that I've put on about a pound. It's not as fast as I'd like but it's healthier to do it this way than to gorge at every meal. I went to Costco today and picked up a big bag of SportPharma protein to help my cause. See, I want to make sure my gains aren't fat, so shortly after each workout I will be drinking a 27 gram protein drink to help with the rebuilding process. I also bought a case of Guinness. Yes, the two are mutually exclusive. I mean, that would be gross.

I've spent a lot of time on the road over the past year plus, and one observation that is going to make this difficult is that I have horrible eating habits when I travel. Flights and meetings are usually scheduled during my usual meals so mentally I'm thinking "I'll eat soon" when in fact it'll be 10 hours before I'll grab something. Not good, especially if I'm going to gain…

Fatblogging for the sake of Fatblogging

I'm sure you've seen that several bloggers have jumped on the Fatblogging bandwagon. I refuse to do it. I guess that's just the rebel in me. In fact, instead of losing 15 pounds, I'm going to try and gain 15 pounds. That's right, I'm anti-Fatblogging. I know it's going to be difficult to eat whatever I want, but damnit I'm committed. So who's with me?

Disclaimer: I'm 6'6", weigh 215 lbs and have single digit body I'm not going on a crash diet to gain 15 pounds of fat, but muscle through a smart diet and weightlifting. Who says bloggers have to be out of shape? :P

I know this is going to be a real challenge, so I'm asking on you to help:

BL - I saw you're going to leave 1/2 of your portions of your meals. Let me know where you'll be and I'll swing by to pack on the calories. It takes a lot of calories against this metabolism to put on weight so I'll take all the help I can get.

Jason, Hugh and everyone els…

PR, food, blogs... and sweat

I'm blogging from the PRSA Food & Beverage chapter conference in Charleston, South Carolina. Today's sessions included product launches, new media, organics and sustainable agriculture, and coming up is a meet and greet with the media (drinks, anyone?). It's not surprising that last night's pre-conference meal and today's lunch were both outstanding. I mean, this is the Food & Beverage conference after all. The conference started today and runs through tomorrow, piggybacking on the Charleston Food & Wine Festival going on this weekend.

I had the pleasure of presenting on the New Media panel with Paul Cheney from Charleston Food Company. His presentation covered creating food communities where chefs, patrons and restaurateurs can interact through message boards. You can imagine that the local food industry Paul helps them show their stuff through thousands of food photos, because, as he succinctly stated, "Everyone has to eat" and that the firs…