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Ebay forces sellers into broken app

Ebay announced the launch of TurboLister 2 (TL2), with today being the end date for version 1.0. The only problem is that TL2 is buggy and crashes. A lot.

A few excerpts from the Ebay forums:

"After numerous crashes,lost listing, lost hours, lost time & money, ect back in January- I switched back to turbo lister one and proceeded to have THREE MONTHS of crash free listing. As we're being forced to use Turbo Lister 2, I switched back this week and while sending 500+ listings last night- of course it crashed and I lost 100 of the listings (permanently). Reinstalls and various methods of database recovery didn't work- It looks like Turbo lister permanently erased/lost the data base for one of three of our ebay accounts and all the listings. The user file won't even open without turbo lister crashing."

It gets better...

"I'm fed up with the lack of any type of Ebay competence when it comes to these matters. I'm fed up with 'we're unable to recreate the problem- (ie- it's you, not us.) It looks like I'm forced to switch to one of the off-line 3rd party listing software programs... Looks like we should be due to yet ANOTHER fee increase as ebay lost at least 1,000 in auction fees due to this crash from me alone. I can only guess the amount of revenue they'll lose overall due to their stubbornness / inability to at least let users remain with the stable turbo lister 1 ....."

And better...

"I agree ! Turbo Lister 2 has serious bugs and I'm losing time and money by screwing around with it. I have 3 computers, to spread around the risk. My new Windows Vista system, can't upload photos from TL2 and it's not WV it's the TL2, that's the problem.

One of my older computers downloaded TL2, but can't open the prg, to do any work ! Nice going ebay !If ebay is forcing us to use TL2, then they should roll out a prg, that actually works !

Did anyone here me shreiking thursday afternoon, over TL2? Emptied a few trees of birds...near my house. "

Ugh. Now they're not the first company to pull this kind of crap, but talk about potential for a company to step in and pwn the market. Yes, I said pwn, n00b.


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