Monday, July 02, 2007

Can you leverage this list of buzzwords?

CareerBuilder has a list of words, that in all honesty, wouldn't hurt my feeling if I didn't hear them for quite a while. Unfortunately a lot of them have made their way into my vernacular, however if I'm careful I can avoid saying them outside of work. Very reminiscent of the at-work, on-call favorite, Bullshit Bingo.

My "Top 5" abused buzzword list is:

  1. At the end of the day - Can also use "bottom line" here, a trite way of wrapping up your thoughts. More common in writing are "In conclusion", "Finally" and, in plain spoken English, "What I'm saying is".

  2. Win-win - Political way of saying "I'll make you look good if it'll come out of your budget."

  3. Get on the same page - Nice way of saying "You aren't agreeing with me."

  4. Synergy - Similar to #3, "Creating synergies" means using someone else's budget or aligning goals.

  5. Low hanging fruit - Quite simply, it means not having to do a lot of work for a quick return.

They are missing the buzzword "All Star" - leverage. A verb, "leverage" simply means to use existing assets, such as budget, sponsorships; could even be an inanimate object like a bus, person or award.


Anonymous said...

You forgot "mindshare" and "thought leadership."

David Binkowski said...

You're right, I did. I could have created a win-win synergy with the original list if I would've leveraged my mindshare appropriately at the end of the day. Damnit.

Audrey said...

Sweet sassy molassey