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10 Things I Learned from the AdAge Mobile Marketing Panel

On Thursday morning a few of us attended the Digital Bytes Breakfast at the Time-Life building in Manhattan, hosted by AdAge. There's a good recap on the AdAge site, so I won't post it verbatim, but for those of us with ADD there are some key points worth noting, in particularly the comparisons to the early issues with the growth of the internet:

Mobile marketing has huge potential, especially when you consider in the low cost per acquisition. Yes, that's a direct marketing term, because that's the potential for measurement and actual purchase.
It's all about the network. Reminiscent of dial up internet access, it's up to the carriers to up their networks/coverage in order for it to provide a positive brand experience.
Plan ahead. Because the various carriers require It takes a long time for a mobile campaigns to actually play out for various reasons: coding for various platforms, short code approval/lead time, etc.
The need for standards. Designing and programming…

More Ebay data stolen, but look - free listings!

A Romanian hacker has once again gotten through the dreaded Ebay security and posted 20 pages of members' credit card information on an Ebay forum before the company realized what was going on and pulled the plug on the board.

Not only did they post the actual credit card numbers, but also the 3 digit authorization codes as well.

But hey, you can't be perfect -- so offer Free Listings! Yep, Ebay coincidentally offered a Free Listing sale today -- which means you can save a buck and turn over your credit card information to a company that doesn't take security seriously.

Have you been Rick Rolled yet?

Ok, so my Halo 3 post was a hoax... Gotcha! In related news, there is a Norwegian shop selling copies early, but my prank was part of the latest internet craze called "Rick Roll", and about 140 Digg members fell for it over the past day or so. (Yes, I was laughing when I saw click throughs, and it is funny.)

Remember dude from the 80's named Rick Astley? Yeah, me neither. Until I saw this again, then all of the horror of hairspray, tight rolled jeans, Vuarnet and women wearing padded suit jackets came flashing back in an instant. The prank is being circulated via email, IM, blogs, you name - just to get people to watch that awful song again.

Missed out on the hilarity? Check it out below, pass it along, and Rick Roll someone today!

So Easy Even A "Weird Al" Can Do It

I have to admit - I am a huge Weird Al Yankovic fan. Have been since '83, when I not only owned the self-titled debut cassette but sheepishly admit to performing the songs ("Gotta Boogie" and "One More Minute" were my personal faves) to my parents. Full geek disclosure -- I also was one of the ten people who saw Al's movie "UHF" in theaters when it was released and caught part of Al's scarf during the "Off The Deep End" tour at the Ritz (now a Spartan Foodcenter) in Roseville, MI. Ah, dorky youth.

So I was on the train a few weeks ago -- yes, Spike, with my iPhone -- watching Al's video for "White & Nerdy" on YouTube (embedded below). 14 Million views (and counting). Check out his other work. Interviews from "Al TV", of which I used to tape and watch over and over again, are over 1MM views. Videos typically top 10MM views. And that's without regular play on MTV.

Mike from Techdirt always talks about the …

Are you pissed about your iPhone?

Yeah, my friend Spike said he's OK with the rebate and still loves ya'. But I'm not as forgiving. Maybe it's because I've been a loyal Mac addict since owning my first //e in the 80's. Maybe it's because I tell everyone to buy your stuff, the design rocks and your products "just work". But you really, really, really screwed us -- and I'm not ready to let it go.

A few weeks ago I said that the #1 question I got from people was "Do you like your iPhone?". That question, when dissected, was essentially "For the price of $600, is it worth the money?". And in their tone I could sense a semi-jealous, inquisitive tone -- which in my mind means you're on your way to increasing sales. Make the kick-ass product, get people to talk about how great it is, take care of the customer and the rest will take care of itself. Well, I learned from the first battery lawsuit on the iPod that you're not really interested in taking care of …

Friday Night Fun with Social Media Taglines

I thought this would be a fun exercise is un-spinning the spin of the various 2.0 properties that've popped up over the past few years. It's pretty simple -- Take a web property and assign a tagline based on it's actual use, not what they came up with.

Here are a few examples to get you going:

MySpace: "I need friends." (alternate is "Check out my rack/pecs!")
Blogger: "Because no one cares."
Flickr: "Stalking you and your new boyfriend/girlfriend/family since 2004!"
Digg: "News for the 'white & nerdy'."
Facebook: "No, Dad, I won't let you see my profile."
YouTube: "Miss it on TV? Chances are we have it here illegally!"
Wikipedia: "Who needs accuracy?"

Of course, this is another installment of the Friday Night Fun series and is supposed to be, well, fun. Enjoy and feel free to add your comments!

Friday evening fun on Ebay

Remember back in the day when browsing Ebay used to take hours of your time? Well, since it's height of popularity it appears most of the world's useless junk has traded hands enough times to make the current stuff boring.

I mean, we've all seen the "creative" listings that make "The Pulse" on Ebay, the Jesus Pancake, the guy who took a picture of an item naked, etc. Entertaining for a few seconds, sure, but not enough to make me come back regularly, though.

One buyer has taken leaving feedback to new heights. "Weird Al" captured it perfectly in his parody of the Backstreet Boys "I Want It That Way" called "Ebay":

Just check my feedback
"A++", they all say
They love me on Ebay

Well, one person has taken leaving feedback to new heights. Have a good laugh here, let me know which is your favorite!

One crisis averted, another begins

Hours after Steve Jobs made good better on the $200$100 "rebate" (although technically getting me to spend another $100 at the Apple Store isn't quite a rebate, but I digress), another potential disaster was averted.

Information Week reported that Yahoo's Fantasy Football servers crapped out while teams were holding their live drafts on Tuesday night. This could have caused a potential backlash from scads of pissed of Fantasy players me, but my league's draft, which was scheduled for Tuesday, was postponed until next week due to extended Labor Day vacations and the like.

Speaking of which, if you'd like to get your ass handed to you join, let me know!

Side note: I think this sets a personal record for number of strike tags used in one post.

iPhone early adopters - unite!

So the $200 price drop has several of us early adopters pissed, to say the least. Wired has a great figure showing our "investment" depreciated by about $3 a day since launch.

You can have your say, though. Apple has a section on their site where you can "Share your iPhone story". Here's my submission, enjoy:

Thanks to the price drop, I just got screwed by Apple for being an early adopter. When they said Jobs I through they meant Steve, not Screw.

Do I think it's the best phone out there? Yes. Would I have waited to pick one up had I know the price would've dropped by $200? Hell yes.

Update: Apple announced that there's a $100 rebate for those of us feeling screwed. The $100 must be used on merchandise at their online or offline store.

NBC/Fox video partnership announces new name

Sure, it's a week late, but WTF everyone deserves a break for Labor Day. NBC and FOX announced the name of their new video site, Hulu. Huh. Hula? Nope. Hulu. As Techcrunch points out, it has some, um, interesting meanings in other languages. For example, in Indonesian it means "butt". Same with Malay. Sure, it also means to "stop doing something", which is what we all do when we're watching clips on YouTube, but isn't that what we're doing when we watch regular TV too? Sounds like someone wants to have their cake and eat it too.

CEO Jason Kilar says of the name:

Why Hulu? Objectively, Hulu is short, easy to spell, easy to pronounce, and rhymes with itself. Subjectively, Hulu strikes us as an inherently fun name, one that captures the spirit of the service we’re building. Our hope is that Hulu will embody our (admittedly ambitious) never-ending mission, which is to help you find and enjoy the world’s premier content when, where and how you want it.

I th…