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Gap fires outsourced vendor using child labor

CNN reports that the Gap has fired a vendor in India for using child labor to create sunglasses for its upcoming Holiday collection at Gap Kids (oh, the irony). Gap President Marka Hansen is "deeply disturbted", "upset" and "angry" that this occurred. I believe it, however in a global economy corporations should be meticulous about the business they keep, even if it does end up being outsourced.

While they did ditch the vendor, one point of difference I have with the action was that reportedly the sunglasses these kids were creating have been destroyed. I'm not sure that I believe it, because surely they'll turn up on the black market, but why destroy the sunglasses? Doesn't that seem to be counterproductive to the point of the kids working in the first place? They weren't in the sweatshop because they're rich, so rather than destroy them why not create a cause out of it? Sell the sunglasses and let the profits go directly to a trust fu…

PayPerPost censors bloggers

Reading a recent thread by a mom blogger on the PayPerPost message board has revealed a shocking revelation: PayPerPost will not let it's employees, or "Posties" as they're called, write about anything they don't purchase. Full disclosure: This was brought to my attention because a colleague worked on a recent campaign and was emailed by a blogger whose post was yanked by PayPerPost due to "violating the terms of service".

You might remember my other takes on PPP: paying for blog posts isn't word of mouth marketing and they're unethical. But I digress...

The explanation from a PayPerPost censor, errr "reviewer", cited their terms of service:

A sponsored post is any post for which you received something (cash, goods or services) in exchange for writing the post.

To clarify, we don't send out products in exchange for a review. Bloggers are asked if they're interested, we deliver the product if so and if they choose to write then so…

The last post of Blog Action Day

"Poorly coordinated" and "may not make a difference".

No, I'm not talking about my old band (which, subsequently got together for Pete's wedding this past weekend - congrats Pete and Shannon!). :P

I'm talking about Blog Action Day, which, for those interested, was today. Everyone is supposed to blog about the environment today and make a difference. Except for me.

I applied to be a part of BAD (better acronym, please?) and never heard back. What's worse, the open-ended "just say something" call to action, in my opinion, was weak. I'm here blogging about the environment - mainly that I'm glad I take the train in to work and walk a lot more than I did in the D, and I'm pretty confident that I've moved closer to being carbon neutral - but I want a call to action. I want to know what I can do to make a difference -- and that's where the BAD campaign falls short.

I understand the goal of this campaign is to raise awareness. And…

More proof people hate marketers: Facebook traffic dips

Via Whatsnext via GigaOm, it looks like opening up the platform to apps and spamming, err, advertising to people on their homepages wasn't such a great idea. Traffic for the site, including unique visitors and time spent on the site, is down compared to last month.

I mean, don't get me wrong - I love pwning chumps with my Vampire and sharing my music taste via iLike, but I don't want to join your causes, compare movie tastes or join your Entourage. I'm not saying opening up the platform to developers was wrong... In fact, it's the evolution of the internet, so I haven't stopped chanting "power to the people".

But I can say that filling the center of my page with garbage, err, "targeted ads", is not what I'm used to. And when you start messing with the formula that made you successful you'd better have some really strong content to keep me coming back, not just silly, useless third party apps. I'll also add that most of the ads I …