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Congratulations 2007 WOMMIE Award Winners!

The Word of Mouth Marketing Association announced the second WOMMIE Award winners the other day leading up to the 3rd Annual WOMMA Summit taking place in a few weeks in Las Vegas. What's a WOMMIE? The WOMMIEs are given to "reward amazing word of mouth campaigns and the smart people who create them." We were one of the inaugural 2006 winners, and it's nice to see that there were no repeat-winners from the year before because there is so much great work going on out there and IMHO others should be recognized as well.

Here's the list of the 2007 WOMMIE Award recipients and their winning case studies:

  • Affinitive -- "American Skiing Company: Passholder Community"

  • Converseon -- "Second Chance Tree Project Takes Reforestation from Virtual World to Physical World"

  • Fanscape -- "Clear Channel NEW! Populating Site with Musicians Campaign"

  • Quicken Loans -- "How Quicken Loans Became a Yahoo! Answers Knowledge Partner

I'm especially proud of Clayton Closson and the team at Quicken Loans for several reasons. First, they're from the D. Second, I sat next to Clay C while he was an MS&L'er -- so it's great to see alumni continuing to do great work (plus he contributes to my blog!). Finally, and most important, Quicken is the only brand to win a WOMMIE this year. The others are agencies specializing in community marketing, virtual worlds and youth marketing. All niche and notable practices, but after talking with the guys from Quicken at the New Orleans WOMMA Basic Training they are committed to tying WOM efforts to the bottom line. Yep, for Quicken, WOM is right up there with SEO on the ROI measurement scale -- which, in my mind, is more impressive than any award or accolade.

You can check out the full library of submissions in the WOMMA case study library.

Side note, I won't be seeing you in Las Vegas this year as I will be presenting at a private client meeting in Paris. I know, I know -- Who wants to see the real Eiffel Tower when there's a giant fake one in the desert? Bon jour!


Melanie Seasons said…
You forgot to mention the most important part: who *is* going to womma in your place... ;-)

Sucks about Paris, though.
Clay C. said…
Yo Dave

Thanks for the props, brother. I tried to leave a comment last week a few times and it didn't go through. Anyway, the conference was great.

WOMMA is really an awesome organization and I hope Quicken Loans stays a memember and more brands join. There was so much energy at the summit. It was amazing.

The keynote lunches were outstanding. Both Richard Tait and Andy Sernovitz put on electricfying presentations that engaged the audience.

I really appreciate your kind words on winning the WOMMIE and for urging me to join WOMMA in the first place.

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