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Showing posts from December, 2007 wants you to join the community! (Oh, and we'll track what you do)

via Techdirt via Computer Associates, Sears is inviting you to "join the My SHC Community!" when you visit their site. What is My SHC? It stands for "Sears Holding Companies", which includes According to their site, it allows you to, with my comments in italics:

Create the future of in-store, on-line, and service experiences that are right for you and your changing needs - provide free market research
Membership is FREE, community functions are fun and always voluntary - um, talk about Sears and Kmart products? really, I want to do this?
Be the first to try new products and take advantage of special offers and promotions - Read as: you're our focus group!
Enjoy special content: how-to guides, buying tips, and user forums tailored to a wide variety of interests - Stuff we should put on our site but will withhold. This worked really well for the newspapers, so we'll give it a shot.
Gain access to free planning and household budgeting tools that enable y…

The AdAge Power150 Needs Serious Rethinking

Ok, ok. You're probably on the Top 150 list that AdAge started publishing a few months ago. It's supposedly a "who's who" of Communications bloggers based on a ranking system -- a metric, if you will. And like any other metric you have to ask "What are we trying to measure?" and then "What is the purpose is of measuring?".

Let's answer the first question first:

If it's only to point out the top blogs based on a few manipulatable metrics like Google PageRank, Bloglines feed subscribers and, LMAO, Alexa rankings, then fine -- the AdAge Power 150 is fine. Find the sites with the most "traffic", used in quotes because, like I tell clients, "the beauty of the internet is that everything is measurable - agreeing on the measurement is also it's biggest downfall", then fine -- it's who gets the most traffic among those blogging about Communications.

Author note: this next part was taken from my comment on Naked PR.


If Twitter went away, would anyone care?

Disclaimer: This is no way an attempt to rip off of the great series John Moore runs over on BrandAutopsy -- the title just seemed fitting.

I have been using Twitter for some time now, increasing my usage to see if it changes how I'm consuming media and, more importantly, my opinion of it. I'm nearing my 500th update, and my opinion has yet to change. It's still full of essentially useless information with the occasional nugget of good information thrown in.

Case in point are a few gems over the past 24 hours from people I'm following that include JasonCalacanis's tweet that he's "Walking the dogs at 1 am..." and chrisabraham's "Stumbled to the kitchen and made bread and butter and cheese" update.

Twitter was scheduled to go down for maintenance yesterday for 12 hours, with Twitter addicts, aka Twitheads, freaking out that they wouldn't be able to update their virtual friends with useless info. For those unfamiliar with Twitter, think …

No, really -- THIS is the last take on Chris Anderson's "outing"

At this point, everyone's had their take on the Chris Anderson outing of 300+ PR folks. Here's what I am declaring to be the last of the Wired meme. Jenn has the latest take, which for the most part I agree. Her conclusion is, essentially, that "we all have jobs" and "if you can't handle your job, get out of the business".

I love how she brings it strong (hence the addition to my blogroll and now public, open invite to her to grab drinks the next time she's in NYC), but regardless of whether or not Mr. Anderson agrees with how he's pitched, there are three major issues I have with this topic:

1. Classification. I had a client recent ask me what I thought of the "outing" -- which, is aptly named once you read point #2 -- and that if PR people had that negative of a perception in the blogosphere. The reality is that every marketer under the sun -- interactive, advertising, "all-in-one", in-house, and yes, PR -- is sending out …