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The immeasurable web

The internet is quite possibly the greatest thing numbers folks could ask for -- number of regular internet users within a country, segmented by demographic, state, income; what web sites they visit, how much they spend and how many conversations they're having. Numbers everywhere.

I want to preface this by saying that this is quote possibly the most pompous thing I've ever done on this blog: Quote myself. As I've often explained to clients, students, co-workers, friends and family who are unaware of WebTrends, Clicktracks, comScore, Nielsen, log files, clickthroughs, unique visitors and hits vs. impressions:

"The greatest part about the internet is that you can measure everything. Getting everyone to agree on the numbers is another issue." - Me

[Author's note: Excuse me, I need you to make room for my head on the page while you read.]

Another story is out today about how a web property (Myspace) was getting jobbed on their uniques. To me, the argument is a clo…

CG-Dunk? NBA star Rudy Gay uses YouTube for dunk ideas

Every year I look forward to the NBA All Star weekend Slam Dunk competition. It was dry for a few years, but an infusion of young players with hops have made the past few years pretty exciting. Remember last year when Orlando's Dwight Howardslapped a sticker on the backboard?

The unpredictability of the contest has taken on a life of its own this year. Memphis Grizzly Rudy Gaysolicited YouTubers to submit their ideas, and as of 10 PM tonight there are 233 videos/ideas, 1.9 MM views and 2,256 comments to this video:

Consumer generated dunks -- the next generation of the competition. I'm off to watch and will update once it's over.

Update #1: The final 2 dunks will be voted on by fans via texting. Thankfully Yao Ming isn't in the contest, otherwise I'd say the ballot boxes would be stuffed. ;)

Update #2: Jason Calacanis posted a pic of the birthday cake dunk on Flickr.

Update #3: Not sure if he even did it, but Rudy Gay didn't make it to Round 2. Will check YouTube …

Bloggio, a new service to spam top tier bloggers

A new spam e-mail service has launched called Bloggio, promising to help connect "marketers" with "Top tier bloggers". Don't bother looking it up by going to the dot com -- these mofo's went all non-profit 'n shit, bypassing the .com for the .org -- so you know they're legit. Hey, the site, which redirects you to once you click on the About page, says it was started by "3 guys" in New York who have 2 offices -- one in the city and another up state... which, IMHO, is a lot of overhead to be carrying around for a 3 person operation. But I digress...

For marketers, the objective of the service is to help those inept at participating in the blogosphere to gain coverage with "top tier bloggers" by simply using a web-based, Word-esque editor, picking your vertical, paying $300 and viola! -- you might get written about. On the plus side these guys aren't promising you'll get written about and have an ethics policy, unlik…

Firebrand: The (Online) Superbowl of Advertisements

Tonight was the Superbowl, where the supposed best ads (Although Jason Calacanis's "Salesgenie racist Superbowl ad post says otherwise) of the year were aired. While I thought this year's crop was weak, with Tide To Go's "talking stain" being the standout exception, it's fun to watch the most creative, fun spots from years past. Enter Firebrand. It's a new site that only shows the best ads from around the world - so you don't have to be tortured by the ghost of 30-spots-past, lame YouTube clips or US-specific stuff.

Now, if you've read my blog you'd think that I hate advertising. I want to clarify something -- I don't hate advertisements, I just hate bad advertisements. The site is loaded with great ads from tons of brands from Nike, FedEx, several car companies, liquor companies, you name it. It would be great to see some classic ads re-aired here as well - the Nike "Revolution" spots were genius and I could watch them da…