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Who cares if the community likes it, we went viral!

The concept of viral videos has been played to death. I've made it very clear that unless it increases sales or drives action they are absolutely pointless. "But Dave, they break through the clutter of a crowded marketplace!", you might say.

Fair enough. The latest video to make the rounds is the fake minor league ball girl who scales the outfield wall a la Jackie Chan to make a spectacular catch. At first glance it appears, um, fake. At second glance - same thing. The camera angles resemble more of a movie shoot than a live broadcast (ding!), and the crystal clear up close shots don't quite mesh with the choppy camera work in the outfield (ding!). Oh, and she looks CGI'ed up climbing the wall (ding!).

People are heralding it as a great spot because it was a product placement for Gatorade. Gatorade? Really? Did anyone notice the water bottle at her feet while she was sitting in her chair? Yeah, me either. And btw, if you want an amazing story that isn't fake, c…

The New Breed of PR

Last week I spoke at the Council of PR Firms "Internfest" on a panel about being a "Specialist" in a PR firm. The lovely Melinda Zurich followed up the presentation with a few questions, which I've answered below, for their weekly email.

I wanted to write about how this new breed of young PR professionals (digital natives) are changing (or not) the face of the industry through their innate online/social media skills. I wanted to know what some of your thoughts were as a senior-level person working in the industry.

Do you think the new crop has a leg up when working on new media projects?

As it relates to the actual use of technology among their peers and the ability to adapt, I would say "yes". It doesn't mean that they all understand how new media can be utilized to target their demographic, but at the very least they are a keen focus group for targeting Gen Y.

Do you think the use and impact of digital/social media in public relations is just anothe…