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Take team for the one

Mike Driehorst recently wrote a post about the effect of personal brands on companies and how they can enhance a company's reputation. Some of the examples he mentioned were Jason Falls, Bob Lutz (GM, a client) and Lionel Menchaca. He also brought up Boeing's former CEO, Randy, who was blogging here. Coincidentally, as pointed out by Chris Brogan, they've replaced him with a CEO by the same name, which reminds me of the George Carlin bit about replacing your dead dog with the same breed of dog that looks just like your old dog - that way you don't have to change the pictures on the wall.

But I digress. This post is about people putting themselves in front of their employers for personal gain. Am I against it? Hell, I write this blog, don't I? At some level it makes sense. Call it owning, as Mike said, your own personal brand.

The question is -- When does it go too far? The entire clan at Forrester bolted after Groundswell for consulting gigs. As proof, Jeremiah's…