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Add another unethical company to the list: Magpie

In the ongoing saga of "How Will Twitter Make Money?", Read Write Web has a story that a company called Magpie offering to help you monetize your personal Twitter account. Last year we saw the ludicrous auctioning of a Twitter account on Ebay which in and of itself was unscrupulous, to say the least. That auction was pulled after several folks blocked Andrew Baron got an ear full from folks like me.

Now this new player, Magpie, has sprouted up offering to ghost tweet ads in place of your actual tweets. Also fitting is that at the time of this writing this post their site is currently down for maintenance. How Fail Whalesque.

The business model of posting ads into your account is straight up shilling, according to the WOMMA definition. Sound familiar? That's because this flawed ad revenue model has already had its dick knocked in the dirt. If you recall, a few years ago a company called PayPerPost (now Izea) tried to capitalize on shilling and non-disclosure on blogs. Googl…

Loren Feldman on "Why you should blog"

Loren Feldman from 1938media has a great talk posted over on his site from Blog08 where he tells the crowd to keep blogging (creating content). If you want to understand why Wired was wrong when they declared blogging is dead and what all the rage is with services like Twitter, Facebook and Friendfeed (validation), watch this:

Regular readers here know that racy language isn't foreign to this blog, so if F bombs scare you from watching videos then please don't check it out. Here's some Yo Gabba Gabba for you instead. ;)


Friends, readers and passers-by. Geno Church, a friend and fellow WOMMA member, has a missing daughter. Makenzie, aka Kenzie, Church, has been missing since Saturday. She's from upstate South Carolina (Spartanburg, Greenville) and could be in the Carolinas or Georgia. Please repost this notice on your blog, Facebook profile, message board, etc and help. Thanks.