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FTC takes on blogger compensation, among other things

Brandweek has a heads up on some interesting developments going on at the FTC. As you know, the EU implemented some rules back in 2007 regarding fake bloggers and astroturfing, with fines and possible jail time as a consequence for engaging in devious practices. Don't look now, but the FTC is looking to take actions regarding endorsements, including paid and earned blogger relations campaigns:

For consumer testimonials, the general rule is that an advertiser cannot pay or otherwise compensate a person to give an endorsement without disclosing the material connection. Bloggers who receive compensation—or even free products from advertisers—may now have to disclose that connection with the advertiser if they provide a positive review of those products. Similarly, an employee of an electronic game manufacturer who posts messages promoting the manufacturer's product on a third-party message board must disclose his relationship with the manufacturer. "Street team" programs…

Twitter Social Media Experts Graph

I'm not Hugh McLeod so I used Keynote to create this chart demonstrating where most people are regarding so-called 'social media experts". Enjoy.