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What the Twitterfication of Facebook Means

Facebook unveiled their new home page Wednesday and I have to say - it's awfully Twitteresque. The center well, or "stream", of content on the page is now an ajaxy, auto-updating time line of your network's status updates. The language at the top has changed as well, from "David Binkowski is" to "What's on your mind?". (Twitter's call to action has always been "What are you doing?")

I think this signals a "game over" for Twitter for several reasons. I'm not saying they're going under, but the site will never achieve the sort of growth MySpace or Facebook have, and without a suitor it's unlikely they'll ever become profitable or sustainable. Aside from "No reason to join Twitter now", let's get to 5 reasons why I feel this way:

1. Usability

Twitter's site has never changed. It's a linear, hard to follow, gigantic message board thread. Sure, they acquired Summize to provide a basic sear…