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RIP Social Media Expert, c. 2010

I've been telling clients that 2010 is going to be the year of accountability as it relates to social media. This means  accountability using real numbers (read as: sales) and not fluff (read as: says we reached 2,001,450 Twitterers with those 3 re-tweets!!1!). With this accountability would come the fall of the social media expert. Talk can only take you so far before it hits the fan and you're called out. That doesn't mean the "experts" are going away, though, at least not without a fight.

A Rose By Any Other Name

If you look at the "expert" space over the past few months, several have changed their positioning. They're no longer talking about social media, because most companies have weeded folks like this off of their short list of who to call when they need help, but they've certainly moved on to other things. I've heard "Human Interaction", "Social Business Design", and even - gasp - PR.  What they've…