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Tell Your Clients & Brands: Facebook Ends Promotions Extortion!

All Facebook is reporting that Facebook sales reps are contacting people letting them know that promotions are no longer required to garner explicit approval from Facebook AND that there is no longer a minimum ad spend to accompany said promotions. This is hugely welcome news for brands that want to reward their fans but don't want to pony up the $10k ad buy to support giving away, say, a $50 sweater once per week. Official language from Facebook below.

We have some exciting updates regarding the administration of Promotions, Sweepstakes and Contests on Facebook that will help to streamline the process and make your lives a bit easier:

We no longer require prior written Facebook approval to administer a promotion on Facebook.
We no longer require a minimum media spend investment to support the promotion.

This means that you are not required to have a media campaign on Facebook to run a promotion, nor do you need to ask for approval on the contest T&Cs from the Facebook team. Pleas…

Facebook Deals Just Ate Foursquare's Lunch

Facebook announced yesterday that they're rolling out Deals, a location-based couponing and fund raising system. There are two types of Deals that can be had via their Places feature: coupons and charity. Basically, if consumers check in they unlock a deal or are helping to raise money for a cause. Sound familiar? It should, except this has real potential to take off in a big way.

If you read my last blog post you know that one of my criticisms of the existing LBS platforms is their weak business development units. Specifically, offering goofy badges that meant nothing and not signing big brands on board meant the service, while a competitive novelty at first, ultimately they provide zero benefit. In one fail swoop, Facebook just trumped Foursquare, Gowalla and everything on the market in addition to SMS testing programs to take social mobile marketing into the mainstream. Is this drastically different than what we were doing before? No, because the folks at Facebook worked around …