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Yesterday Was "Community Manager Day". Now Where Are My Coupons???

Social Media Club hosted its second annual "Community Manager Day" yesterday, a time for celebrating those who have to work the front lines with consumers on behalf of their companies. For those living in a cave, a Community Manger is a person that, on behalf of their company, spends time curating, creating, listening and strategizing where, who, what, when and how to talk to people online. Think about that last statement for a second: they are responsible, sometimes without agency or internal staff support, for looking at every single conversation online that mentions their company and its products in order to ensure that what's being said is accurate and fair (in addition to many other things). On a daily basis these brave souls have to deal with disgruntled customers while balancing brand messaging, internal politics and procedures, legal, establishing credibility and having a personality - not to mention a life.

The down side to this equation is, well, pretty much eve…

Sorry, But I’m Not Enamored With The New Starbucks Logo

I was just reading Chris Abraham's take on the new Starbucks logo and I have to completely disagree: I don't like it. Here's why: