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5 Tips for Running A Successful Agency

I was asked a great question by Lauren Wire on Twitter last night. She asked

What type of agency did you like working in most? You like running your one now?
And normally I would respond quickly but in this case it's a terrific opportunity to put more text than what fits into 140 characters to answer. Plus, I'm hoping others can relate or at least gain some knowledge from my experience.

While I'm a marketer at heart, I've been dealing with immense change in the communications and marketing field for the past 15 years. My first full time job was as a Website Coordinator at a cancer hospital. At this in-house gig the rules for web marketing were still being written. And later, when W3C standards were being held back by noncompliant browsers, I lead the redesign of major corporate websites. I was working with online communities and running listening programs for clients long before it was cool. And I've been the part of several organizations, including agencies, that…

So Close, Yet So Far Away: Foursquare's Super Swarm Sunday Promotion

This week Foursquare announced their new Super Swarm Sunday Superbowl promotion (Well, unofficial as the naming rights cost money) whereby checking in on Superbowl Sunday will get you $5 off at Pizza Hut. A few people on Twitter and Facebook were saying it was a great promotion, but after a few second analysis this falls under the category of "So Close (Yet So Far Away)". Here's why:

After years of struggling to find a way to create something that the majority of the country can identify with (Sorry, but the People magazine and Louis Vitton partnerships et al, while early, were absolutely pointless) -- read as "Obtain users outside of NYC" -- they finally figured out that, beyond lame 'Polcalypses, the Superbowl is the uber sporting event of the year. Kudos to the team there.

They then figured out something everyone does during the Superbowl: Eat.  Yes, people consume so much food and booze that it's almost illegal. Partnering with a pizza place was a g…

Checking Out of Foursquare

I've been using Foursquare for several years now. For those unaware, it's a location based "game" whereby you use your phone's GPS to "check in" at locations; some are real, like a restaurant, and some are virtual, such as "Snowpocalypse". At first, it was exciting to see all of the early adopters you know from the Twitter- and Blogosphere checking in. A lot of people asked "What's the point?" when you inexplicably whipped out your phone upon walking in to an airport, their house or other location. The value proposition was hard to communicate, as most non-techies would usually say "So you're telling other people you're not at home?" and "I don't get it".

Flash forward several years, Foursquare finally put a video on their website explaining to new customers what the point of Foursquare is:

Hi! I want to learn more about foursquare! from foursquare on Vimeo.

Foursquare claims to have 10 million regi…