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Seven Mandatory Things To Do At SXSWi

I recently saw an infographic about 10 "awesome" things you should do at SXSWi and felt it was lacking several key ingredients of not only the conference but the Austin experience (side note: celebrity stalking is done much easier in LA and NYC with actual celebrities). With that, I present to you the 7 mandatory things you must do at SXSWi. And yes, all of them are legitimately worth doing.

1. Learn from worthy sessions

I was a bit surprised to see that the first reason for going to SXSWi on the infographic wasn't about learning. Even those of us who troll the internet all day and are on top of the latest shiny object can't know everything, every start up and every technology that is coming down the pike. Even in the world of digital, while it's great to be a specialist, there are experts on subjects that you can learn from. Study the panels, presentations and sessions before going and pick those that are of interest to your company and/or clients. Pro tip: Some …