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As Predicted, iOS Brings Twitter to the Masses

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo recently revealed some startling numbers about the microblogging service at Web 2.0 in San Francisco that will blow your mind. 250 million tweets are being generated each day, new user signups increased at a 3x rate thanks to integration with Apple's iOS, and 50% of their user base is publishing daily. That's sort of growth is incredible, and it was all made possible thanks to Apple.

While at one time we were bearish about Twitter, if you were a Large Media client, you'll know that the announcement from Apple was something we advised would be a game changer for Twitter. Putting the service at the fingertips of every iPhone and iPad user took Twitter from being an early adopter phenomenon to scale almost overnight. It was a bold move by Apple to embrace the microblogging platform, no different than how iMessage quietly changed texting forever for those using iOS devices over wifi.

There's a great takeaway here for brands looking at playing with …