Dog The Bounty Hunter

I don’t get it. I’ve watched this show a few times and just don’t understand the appeal of “Dog the Bounty Hunter” on A&E. It’s mildly entertaining IF they catch someone, only because Dog bestows upon us a life lesson while delivering the fugitive to the pokey (they also offer the captured fugitive a cigarette while they’re being processed).

The episode that I caught had Dog telling a female fugitive that he was God’s angel telling her to straighten out her life. I’m sure that God’s angel has a blonde mullet, freakishly dark George Hamilton tan, muscle shirt, Utlimate Warrior armbands, smokes Marlboro reds and drives around in an SUV with his equally 1980’s wife that wears way too tight American flag shirts and dresses.

At any rate, a few people that I wouldn’t expect to watch this show are watching it… and I just don’t get it.

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  1. NightHunter says:

    If you really “don’t get it” Mr. Binkowski, then that is really a shame.

    You see, Duane “Dog” Chapman is a truly good man. He does his best to help people. He fights crime at the root of the problem, by trying to help offenders in the early stages and thus prevent them from straying further down the criminal path.

    His look and attire are mostly for theatrical effect. To intimidate criminals so that they will surrender, rather than fight and get injured.

    Duane Chapman is totally against drugs, crime and injustice. He cares for his fellow man and instead of just talking a good game, he actually gets up off his butt and does something about it.

    He is a man that can be held up as a role model of decency and honor. He is a caring father and a loving husband.

    Above all else, he is a decent human being.

    I hope that you “get” that, sir.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The life lessons that dog bestows after he catches the criminals are the idea of the show. also the fact that the show leaves you with genuine hope in humanity. if some one can offer these criminals hope and respect and just commen desency theres hope for the rest of us

    As for his wife shes bodatius and shes beautiful shes a real woman the show wouldnt be the same if she was 99 pounds with legs up to her neck besides I love her look shes one if the few that can carry it off

    And when dog said he was an angel he meant that god uses peaple in unexpected ways in times of difficulty and thats why he got Dog instead of some guy that would arrest him and dispose of him with out a care.

    And by the way did you see his sons wow.

    watch the show again keeping human desency in mind.

  3. David Binkowski says:

    Just wanted to update you all that I’ve come around to Dog the Bounty Hunter. I watch it whenever I get a chance and find it entertaining. My wife and I will be going out as Dog and Beth this Halloween.

    I am also thinking about sending in a track called ‘Enemy’ from my band’s debut CD for use on the show.

  4. NightHunter says:

    “Get a real handle, dude.”

    THIS from a guy calling himself “boba fett!” LMAO!!

    Does your mommy know that you’re on the computer little boy?

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