Big and tall clothes thievery

This is classic. I started a web site back in 1997-98 called The Big It’s a site of links to big and tall clothes and large shoes. Eventually I added plus sized and tall women’s sites as well.

Basically it’s a nice resource if you’re like me and hate going to the mall and coming up empty handed. It’s not as optimal as it could be, but there have been issued with connecting to other sites databases to make it searchable, etc.

Anyway, I did a search today for sites that link to mine or have mentioned on their pages… and there’s a site out there that basically downloaded my pages and re-posted them as their own site. I’m not going to mention the site name, because I don’t want to give the cheatin’ bastards any traffic… it makes me wonder if it’s even worth having the site when leeches are copying and pasting my content onto theirs to make a quick buck.

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