Ebay for Guests?

Huge usability issue that I just encountered… When you’d go to Ebay and click “My Ebay”, you would get a prompt to log in to their site (hence, that’s how it’s MY Ebay… I’ve logged in, you know my preferences, etc).

Now when you click on it, it requires members to click again to log in. They’ve replaced the My Ebay log in with an “Ebay for Guests” home page and require another click to actually log in.

I know that it’s just a behavioral thing that I’ll have to adjust to, but I find it hard to believe that people using Ebay arrive at the home page, click My Ebay and then are puzzled that they’re asked to provide a user name and password. Once again, let’s punish the rest of us for the moronic few that don’t understand technology.

But then again, Ebay is the online dirt mall.

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  1. Audrey says:

    I'm glad someone else hates this! Why didn't they just do the same thing everyone else does and let registered users sign in and guests go to another screen. It's a plot by the evil bastards at ebay to steal away another 90 seconds a day from my life!
    There. I posted on your blog. Happy now?

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