I love fake blogs


I don’t know what it is about them, but the fact that a companies are putting time and effort into faking customers into thinking people dig them makes me chuckle. How about this for a suggestion: MAKE A GOOD PRODUCT AND THE REST WILL TAKE CARE OF ITSELF!


Yes, as sure as Jeff Gannon is on gaymilitarystud.com, the government has fake blogs created. While I find them a bit troubling, I find it even harder to believe that kids in high school are reading them and enlisting in the armed forces.


This I don’t get at all. I understand that authors have pen names, but creating a fake personal blog is retarted. Talk about a love-hate relationship with yourself… it’s got to be a sign of a multiple personality disoder to go out of your way to fake being someone else.

Personality 1: “I love myself”
Personality 2: “I HATE MYSELF!”
Personality 3: “I have my own blog!”
Personality 4: “MRGPFFFHMFHFF”
Personality 1″ “That’s a cool blog, #3. I think I’ll comment on it.”

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