Enough with the Chappelle’s Show re-runs

I’ve always had an addictive personality. As a kid, I watched the movie Popeye with Robin Williams 52 times in one summer (hey, we had HBO and air conditioning and it was hot out) before getting sick of it. So you get the point — if you put it on, I’ll watch it.

So skip ahead 25 years and Comedy Central is totally ruining my favorite show.

I love Chappelle’s show. It’s the funniest non-animated show on TV, hands down. But for Christ’s sakes, Comedy Central, please stop airing the re-runs every 2 hours — you’re going to ruin it for me. I can only listen to “Daaaarkness… Charlie Murphy!” and “I’m Rick James, bitch!” so many times per month before I get sick of it.

I have Season One on DVD but am having serious second thoughts about purchasing Season Two now that I have every line of every episode memorized… but looking back that didn’t stop me from buying Caddyshack either.

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  1. mattybinks says:

    You forgot to mention your addiction to the Simpsons. Oh and beer. Oh and sports. Oh and.. 😉

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