Disappointing web sites

Most people go to web sites with the intention of completing a transaction. It could be as simple as getting a news story, purchasing an item, transferring funds from one bank account into another, buying stocks, etc.

I go to web sites for several reasons and can’t help but notice shoddy coding. There are a billion and one articles about HTML, in particular CSS vs. tables, and how there’s a big push towards “standards”. I agree, and the web sites that I work on and develop are designed and layed out using CSS.

At any rate, I was visiting Eddie Bauer‘s web site and noticed that the look and feel of the site have changed. Being the geek that I am, I wanted to see their CSS layout for the site, in particular the top navigation. I was surprised to see that they’re using tables for the entire site for layout. There isn’t anything on the home page or interior pages that couldn’t be layed out using CSS, so I’d love to find out their reasoning behind using code that was created circa 1999 for a site created this year.

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