Data integrity – The argument against the end user

I found this to be funny for some reason. I’m a fan of the iPod, in fact I rarely listen to music on the radio anymore, which puts me at a disadvantage when it comes to hearing about new bands… but the up side is that I don’t have to listen to 99 crappy songs to hear 1 decent one. At any rate, I rarely use the Genre feature to sort music on my iPod and when looking at it this morning noticed this lovely genre created by a user:

Pretentious Crap

So of course I had to scroll through to see what bands were listed under this genre. It was only one band, Radiohead. This made up genre also goes along with the other laughable made-up genres on my iPod: “chick”, “AlternRock”, “Trip Hop”, “Children&epos;s”, “genre”, “Misc”, “Other”, “Folk-Pop”, “rap…r…b”, “Revival” and “Vocal”. I’m all for creating a new genre, but iTunes does have quite a few pre-sets that work just fine.

Feel free to post any made up genres on your iPod as comments.

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