Blogging takes too much time

That’s my post. Ok, so I wanted to end it there but will go on. I don’t get how so many people have so much time to write non-stop. I literally have 7 projects going on at once and just about forgot that I even had a blog. Which reminds me, I have to make time to write a post for BlogWorks.

Oh, wait — I do have some news.. I was interviewed a month or so ago and am in this month’s Inc Magazine and will be doing a podcast for a small business podcasting site soon. I’ll post a link once it’s up.

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  1. Michael says:

    Yes, blogging can take a lot of time. I laugh when I remember a post from early last year that suggested spend 20 minutes a day to build regular traffic.

    20 minutes?! Heck, it can take me up to an hour (or more) for a good (granted, long) post.

    But, the good thing, once you do get some momentum going, it doesn't really hurt if you are off for awhile.

    BW's Blogspotting Heather Green somewhat complained about neglecting her blog because she's been so busy.

    Jeremy Pepper doesn't post every day, and he's still well-read.

    Like everything else, our schedule ebbs and flows. So, we just fit in blogging when there's time to justify it.

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