Advertising’s new cheap trick

Big heads in commercials. Wow, that’s amazing… I think I remember seeing a Talking Heads video in the 1980s with this same effect.

So let’s check out the copy-catism going on. Apparently someone figured out how to animate large heads and is selling it to their clients. Nothing like “custom brand solutions”. No wonder ad agency budgets are dropping. See it for yourself:

Mountain Dew’s Code Red “Carnival” commercial.

And the Gatorade freaky big head on children commercial.

It’s very reminiscent of the Sunny D commercial scandal Steve mentioned over on AdRants.

Are you feeling the buzz? Thought not. So let’s talk about advertising’s big “comeback” on ABC and iTunes. People don’t want to see ads. Someone recently said to me “People love ads. They’re consumers, as long as they’re hitting their target audience, they want to see them. It’s when the minivan ad runs on MTV that people are turned off by them.”

Two points against this: 1) People realize (at different points in their life) that consuming does not equal happiness. 2) People will edit out the commercials and re-post them. Damn, there goes the 15 minutes of fame for advertising’s role in downloadable shows.

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