Google is coming to Ann Arbor

0 thoughts on “Google is coming to Ann Arbor

  1. David Binkowski says:

    Hey Michael,
    We'll see re: new biz. I can't see it hurting, especially with the founders ties to the U. The Ann Arbor HQ will house the Adwords group, however I'd imagine there will be some opportunities.

  2. Michael says:

    The Toledo Blade had a story about that recently, I think. There was also a discussion at about why Toledo doesn't get new companies like that.

    There are plenty of reasons. Not sure Toledo and Ann Arbor is a fair comparison!

    Don't get me wrong, Toledo has a lot going for it. Unfortunately, political bickering gets in the way of a lot of potential.

    Congrats to Ann Arbor. Think any of the Google biz could be headed your way???

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