Separation Saturday

I figured this would be a great thread (yes, I know this isn’t a message board, but let’s hear ’em). Mike, Robert and the rest of the commenters and lurkers — I’m looking your way 😉

Separation is the key to winning. We saw it today in the Michigan/Notre Dame game – Manningham and the Notre Dame defensive backs, the Michigan O line and the Notre Dame defensive front 7. We see it with Google. My question to you: small business owner, brand manager, agency, you name it… what are you doing to separate yourself from your competitor?

Any other parallels from today’s games you can translate to your business model?

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  1. Michael says:

    Being a Notre Dame fan, how about this:
    When things go bad, stick to the basics — your strengths.

    (How can a Fighting Irish team run the ball less than 20 times?! Even when you are down — down early — grind it out. Stick to your plan. Really, how many teams win throwing 48 times?)

    Don't get fancy. Focus on what made you successful, and build on from there.

    Sorry, Dave. Not much inspiration on a Sunday morning.

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