Edelman to teach classes on social media; hazing not allowed

Steve posted the answer to the question everyone wanted answered – What’s next?

The me2revolution team I work for will be involved with teaching Edelman University classes on ethics in social media, reviewing programs before they are implemented and more.

This is obviously a good thing. The MS&L Blogworks team has a similar role in that we develop, pitch and execute the programs we run for our clients with our PR teams.

The big next step is for companies that run WOM campaigns to sign on to the WOMMA Ethics Code as DuPont announced earlier this year.

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0 thoughts on “Edelman to teach classes on social media; hazing not allowed

  1. Michael says:

    I saw your ad for your speaking engagement at the WOMMA conference in D.C.

    I was so disappointed when SixApart canceled/postponed its Detroit 1/2-day seminar.

    What about the Midwest? What about Detroit? Why are there no social media/blogging/WOM conferences here, or close by?

    Think one needs to be organized locally. Any ideas who we can get to speak?

    Also, I listened a bit to the Edelman U podcast. It was interesting and worth the time. As surprising as it seems to me, the top dogs at the ME2 Revolution were not involved with the Wal-Mart fake blog? That's the picture Edelman is painting. If that turns out not to be true, this'll blow up again in their face — and rightly so. If that is true, then the corrective measures seem to be in place.


  2. Anonymous says:

    so they're basically announcing they're doing their jobs now? "hey guys, we're going to watch what we do for the client and make sure it's not some random act again." Um, I think I was expecting some form of repentance or admission of guilt but then again I don't know steve so maybe this is as far as he can take it publicly.

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