What percent of blog and website visitors are agencies?

When I worked in corporate, and it’s no surprise to anyone in a corporate environment, that the number 1 search and visited pages on most sites are the Jobs pages. So I’m just curious here, but I’d love for all of the blog monitoring people to actually leave a comment on the posts you’re checking out. Seriously, just say “Hi” – I don’t bite.

Here are two of the past three visits to my blog, directly from the sitemeter logs:

1. True ads


2. Philly swirls

Hi, agencies. Nice to meet you. Here are two more results to track. I’m Dave, let’s talk.

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  1. Michael says:

    Hopefully — if the agencies are doing their jobs — there should be regular visits to blogs and other sites that refer to their clients.

    It doesn't have to be a lot, but needs to be consistent.

    I had some good search engine traffic from a ROWE (results-only work enviroment) post a couple weeks ago.

    It's strange how people find blogs — and I get real curious with some IP addresses. Like law firms (Pillsbury law firm in San Fran. and Pierce & Mandell in Cambridge, Mass).

    Makes one go hhmmmmmmm?
    — Mike

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