The iPhone debate continues; Apple’s already won

I was mildly surprised to see Robert blasting the new iPhone, essentially comparing it side by side to other products on the marketing before declaring that it “sucks”.

Conversely, Andrew Lark says he’s on board and agrees with me that it’s a game-changer.

The debate over whether you love it or hate it illustrates one of Guy Kawaski’s 10 rules of revolutionaries: Polarize people, which is exactly what Apple has done. In fact, it’s no surprise that the iPhone is pretty textbook from Guy’s list.

Apple has “charged up the base”, if you will, with this product. That’s what great companies do. There will always be pro-Microsoft and pro-Apple people, but the smart move isn’t, as Seth points out, to market to all of them – it’s to grab the attention (and dollars) of those who love you. Apple will get their 1MM subscribers, meet their goal, and get a ton of positive coverage out of it. Apple wins.

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  1. Michael says:

    I heard a Detroit Free Press’ Mike Wendland rave about the iPhone on WJR yesterday morning (almost unabashedly).

    While the Cisco trademark lawsuit may put a bit of a downer on the iPhone — eating up some of the early edit coverage — it’ll all be resolved soon enough. In the end, as you and others noted, David, Apple and Steve Jobs will continue this fantastic rebirth that the iPod started.

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