ESPN opens NBA power rankings up for comments

ESPN released their NBA power rankings today with the 30-8 Phoenix Suns topping the list, with Mark Cuban’s Dallas Mavericks right behind in second place. Personally I’d reverse the two, Phoenix has yet to prove that all offense and no defense wins anything more than regular season titles, but this is only a weekly ranking system. But I digress…

They’ve opened the rankings for comments, blog style – Name, email address, the team you’d like to comment on and your comments. I’d comment on how they’re reviewed or published but I just received a “null” statement on the confirmation page. Ouch.

0 thoughts on “ESPN opens NBA power rankings up for comments

  1. Blake Rhodes says:

    I agree. Mavs should be #1, they beat Phoenix twice and continue to stay atop the West yet The Suns are #1?

    I dont see it.

    But hey what do I know, I’m just a Mavs fan:)

  2. David Binkowski says:

    Of course without any bias 😉

    And the Cavs and Magic are overrated at this point too. Look for the hometown Pistons to make a move up the rankings soon once C-Webb gels with the team.

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