Communities should not play PR

I completely and whole-heartedly disagree with Steve’s take that people should be allowed to delete their comments in communities. There’s this thing we all do called “making a mistake”. And there those of us who are adult enough admit it, learn from it and move on. The goal is to not repeat it.

Then there are those who play the PR card by ignoring it, discrediting the other party or try to remove it. W-T-F, indeed.

There’s also this thing that we call thinking before we speak. Could some of the things I’ve posted on my blog come back to bite me in the ass? Sure. Are they controversial? To some, yes. Am I blogging because I’m giving my opinions? You figure that one out for yourself. But that’s how you build trust in your readership – by being genuine, not having a strategy on how to influence people.

And if someone asks me about something that I posted in the past I’d not only own up to but explain my position and engage in that conversation. That’s what happens in communities.

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  1. Michael says:

    I agree with you, David.
    "There's this thing we all do called "making a mistake". "

    I am my best case study, I think. I was off-base in a post about Paul McEnany/HeeHawMarketing's post about Kohls (sloppy reading on my part), and rightfully was blasted for it. But, I fessed up, and gained back (hopefully) some credibility. At least, some respect.

    It's so easy to criticize others when you are behind a keyboard, and not face to face. But, seemingly, it's also easy to forgive. Bloggers are not as bad as people make them/us out to be.

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