Dear Rolling Rock,

Your ads suck. Please fire your agency. I will never drink your beer again because your ads are completely lame. Please read my post about agencies being spent for ideas and therefore using a “behind the scenes” approach to creating an ad. It sucks, I don’t buy it and I’m not going to think you’re hip as a result of the ads.

Just so you don’t think I’m a cynical prick, I’ll give you some advice:

1. Try finding people who actually like your beer and appeal to them. Miller High Life does a pretty good job of defining their place in the market and creating ads based on the “High Life”. You might want to watch those spots and figure out that you’re not Bud Light or even in a position to be a competitor in that space.

2. Trying to do “edgy” isn’t your thing and you need to reposition your brand. In fact, when I was a 20 something my friend’s dad called your brand “Ohio piss beer”. Ouch.

3. Your brand was severely damaged with the Rock Light brand. In fact, it’s the worse beer I’ve tried next to Josef Hofbauer Light. Time for damage control.

Want to know how to grow your brand? Try engaging enthusiasts. Word has it that Kid Rock insisted on having Pabst Blue Ribbon on his rider. Find the people who love your brand and engage them. I guarantee you’ll have better results than an ad agency that doesn’t get it trying to do “hip”.


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  1. Michael says:

    Hey David, after I read your post Thursday, I heard a Rolling Rock radio commercial Friday morning. Something about the head of marketing explaining the thong(?) commercial, and that it was pulled. (I don’t recall seeing it.)

    Have you heard that commercial? Thoughts? (It seems like RR is listening.)

  2. David Binkowski says:

    Hi Mike,
    I did hear that radio spot on the local sports radio station. And I also saw Jon Stewart talk about the Snickers and GM ads that were pulled. While I think there was an overreaction to the GM ad, the other two were just in bad taste. (And yes, GM is a client — but c’mon — a commercial about a line robot jumping off a bridge is really not the kind of fodder for writing your legislators or caling the FCC.)

    I know GoDaddy led the way with this fad of being “banned from the Superbowl”, which is supposed to somehow translate into “the brand is too cool for MSM”, but the reality is that the “creatives” in this case either don’t understand their audience and/or the medium they’re supposed to be working in. It’s become a contest of who can have the most outrageous idea, when in fact they’re just bad ideas that should’ve been erased from the whiteboard after a brainstorm.

    So back to RR… remember the uproar from the Janet Jackson nipple incident? You’re telling me that someone in that room thought it would be OK to show old men in thongs during the Superbowl?

    The worst part is that the RR ad is nothing more than a blip in the minds of consumers because of the Snickers and GM ads. As the SNL Debbie Downer sketch would say, “MEOW, MEOW”. Two million bucks down the toilet.

    So either they’re incredibly dumb, which I find hard to believe, or they’re incredibly lazy for trying to copy a two year old gimmick.

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