Until I’m blue in the face: Treat your customers well

Our friends at BIG Research published findings today showing that when it comes to customer service it’s more than just smiling that counts. Topping the list at 35% is “Always Helpful” — read this as “Know your product lines” and empower workers to go above and beyond to make the experience positive and memorable. No surprise that a quote was pulled about Nordstrom:

”The employees of Nordstrom Corporation are always willing to extend extra effort. They are willing to find whatever the customer needs, walking all over the floor to find the desired item in a timely manner, trying to meet the customer’s wants.”

The top 4 elements for good customer service include Available Staff (18%), Fair Return Policy (14%) and Good Communication (12%) — and while Good Prices came in 6th, it does show that price is not a determining factor when it comes to having a good retail experience.

Separately but related, The Consumerist is running a poll to vote for the Worst Companies in America for 2007.

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