Is the future of WOM “Connected Marketing”?

Want to know where it’s headed? Just read this interview with Dr. Walter Carl, Assistant Professor at Northeastern University. Here he’s been asked by the authors of a new book called “Connected Marketing” to comment on their predictions for word of mouth marketing. Walter is on the Advisory Board of WOMMA, of which I am a member.

I agree with his take on their “missing” predictions (ethics, commercialization of WOM and working with minors). Go read his take to get the full story.

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  1. Walter Carl says:

    Hi David,

    Thanks for mentioning your post. For your readers I just wanted to clear up a potential misunderstanding that some readers may have taken away from my post: Justin Kirby does discuss the matter of ethics in his final chapter to the book Connected Marketing. In my blog post I was just highlighting that ethics wasn't specifically listed in the predictions. I've added an update to my post.

    Thanks for allowing me to clarify this on your blog.



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