We don’t have it vs. We used to have it

My Banana Republic jeans were starting to get a hole in the right knee and has luck would have it a 15% off card came in the mail from the aforementioned brand. I went to their web site and here’s what turns up when you search for a 36×36 jean:

Hmm. Nothing in my size. That pretty much sucks, because my non-holed black 36×36 Banana jeans fit perfectly and I had my card out and ready to purchase a blue/navy/indigo pair.

I did a quick Google search and Macy’s is running a Google Adwords campaign touting tall jeans… so I jumped over to their site and did a similar search. They had a few pairs available, none to my liking, and this:

Notice it doesn’t say they’re out of stock. They’re no longer available, as in “we will never carry this style again”. Now I’m no programmer but I’d probably change the search results to not show jeans that aren’t being carried anymore. That’s just cruel.

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