How to improve Google Reader

I switched over from BlogLines to Google Reader and while it is an improvement I don’t understand why a search isn’t available within Reader? Other tips:

  • Resolve redundancies. redundancies. I’ve imported a few people’s bookmarks and now I have duplicates.
  • Preview window based on viewing history. There are some blogs I read more than others. Yes, it’s true… I actually skip a lot of the blogs I subscribed to and read others. It’s called preferences. You’d think the Lord of metrics and analytics would recognize it.
  • You might also like. Amazon has pre-set items that appear in the column based on items I’m considering. Why not other blogs? I’d love to put a public call out for new blogs to read, but I’m waaaaay to proud to do such a thing.

Separate but related, I’d also like to see Google publish analytics on blog rankings. I don’t mean blog rankings based on some insular blogging circle jerk, but one based on relevance of search – not a high school popularity contest (oh snap, I just said it – twice).

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