Lyro presents online business cards

I was asked to preview Lyro, which they’re dubbing as “Business Card 2.0”. It’s different from LinkedIn in that it’s literally just the information on your business card vs. a site for career networking, a la LinkedIn.

“We aspire to become the world’s largest repository of digital business cards – where everybody who’s anybody can be found if they so choose,” said Dunham. Lyro is intended to help business people to more effectively brand themselves on the web.

I’m not really sure what purpose this serves, to be honest. If I could download other people’s Vcards or get RSS notification when they update their info then it’s useful. And LinkedIn already has me covered on SEO (except for my evil twin in Colorado who sells real estate – jk). Am I missing something?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    What’s free about LinkedIn? I can’t contact anybody on LinkedIn without pulling the credit card out of my wallet. If lyro stays free, I’d use it.

  2. David Binkowski says:

    LinkedIn does offer ways to use it without paying. I have 37 connections and haven’t paid a dime to add or contact them. It’d be better to say that they’re not comparable because one is for business leads (sales), the other is for recruiting.

    And it’s always better to be transparent about who you’re representing than leave anonymous comments. Remember, this is an opportunity to have an open dialog to educate me and my readers.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I get the joke of Lyro – it’s open, free and accessible..LinkedIn – not. I see you can download the vCard and I am assuming since their in Beta we should expect a lot more…I would hope. Nice Blog by the way – keep up the good work.

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