Reggie Bush, you’re next

If you’re anything like me, you probably try to get in a few hours of gaming per week in between the billion and a half other responsibilities you have. I was just watching NBA Playoffs between the Cube’s Mavs and the Warriors and an ad for the new Madden came out. Madden 08 with Reggie Bush on the cover. Naturally I Googled the Madden Curse to see other players who’d been bitten by the curse.

For the n00bs out there, the curse is, plainly stated, that those who’ve appeared on the cover of John Madden’s football video game have either had season-ending injuries or had bad seasons. Wikipedia says it’s a myth, but…

At any rate, after being in New Orleans last week and seeing the rebuilding downtown it’d be a shame to see someone who’s given so much back to the city go down. Plus there was that U2/Green Day song. It has no relevance to this post, but it was an uplifting experience, sitting in a DC sports bar on a Monday night watching that performance while the entire bar went silent. Literally, from the bartender who’s a ‘Skins fan to the ex-Lions fan (me), we were all glued to the screen watching the mashup band perform for the sold out arena. Yes, the lower 9th Ward is still trashed, but for a second we all felt like the city was revitalized and that there was hope – even being hundred of miles away.

While I’m blogging off-topic: Here’s how I know most PR bloggers that say they “get it” are phony and doing this for business vs. personal reasons — they follow the traditional media cycle. Seriously, how many other bloggers post at midnight on Friday night? Yeah, because people only read blogs between Monday and Thursday. Slackers.

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