Telling it like it is

Not that they need the link, but ValleyWag just earned a spot on my blogroll with their post about How the top self-branders sell themselves. How’d they earn that spot? Well, for starters Robert’s blog has been dormant for a year so there was room. Seriously, though, I love reading bloggers who aren’t afraid of stepping on toes or telling it like it is. I’ve been told that’s why audiences like my presentations – they’re no-bullshit, no-marketing speak allowed tutorials on how to get things done or how things work. And, of course, humor doesn’t hurt.

I do take exception, though to some of the Valleywag criticism. Guy Kawasaki is not only one of my favorite presenters but also thinkers and motivators. In my book it takes being at the top to have the kind of vision and learnings that he has, and I’ve walked out of his presentations feeling energized and, if nothing else, entertained. Most others hope they’re right or guess it’ll work, Guy hands you a blueprint and puts the onus on you to perform. I like that. Like the Tony Robbins of business.

That being the criteria, I’d love to hear from you. There are a million undiscovered blogs out there, feel free to comment or send me a few via my Gmail link.

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